PHRAY technology will soon launch a smarter, more intimate and a new generation of insulin pump and pump

PHRAY technology independently developed a new generation of insulin - and pump pump design, in use based on the generation of stable and reliable durable, Czech pump Chinese window, only 7 dry cell batteries, cheap consumables on other characteristics, increase the number of smart close function, can be comparable with the imported Insulin pump.

based intelligent allocation and pump volume can be increased to 0.05; basis; basis weight is divided into 48 sections; basic amount basic quantity curve; basis weight has 3 modes of memory function; the bolus with preset function; a bolus wizard before the meal; full consideration of individual target blood glucose, insulin under per unit the amount of carbohydrate (CIR), insulin sensitivity (CF)?, fully consider the individual factors, calculation of measurement or temporary additional amount before the meal. Optimal pump is a domestic, intelligent pump excellent.