PHRAY medical team in the country for the first time remote debugging services insulin pump

2009 November PHRAY medical team national first introduced the remote debugging services insulin pump, has to solve all the technical problems in the remote service system, to enter the final debugging period. If this system successfully listed, the future can be made by customer service center through a very intuitive interface, through the Internet remote access in patients with insulin pump, insulin pump use software in the data uploaded to the server database, the operation is very simple. The system can get a digital image through the Internet, and transmits the data to the system through the network, remote consultation. To help with the precise adjustment of insulin infusion, the patients with insulin pump easier.

This scheme, which can each patients through the network to obtain the best basal infusion set treatment, reduced insulin pump customer service training workload, the industry agreed that the system has the potential to push the new concept of diabetes treatment.